2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review by WildeThang

2018 Year in Review

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I wanted to start writing a review on the year that I’ve had and I will be doing this each year. This is to remind me of all the things I have achieved in that year. I also have terrible memory when it comes to past dates and times so it will be nice to look back on what has happened over the years.

2018 was my most successful year in my freelance career to date. I also learned a lot about myself and my skills. Last year also marked my 5th year of working as a freelance designer.

An Overview

My partner Hanna and I bought our first house in 2018. That in itself was a very stressful and exciting time. As first time buyers we didn’t have a clue about anything really. There were a lot of house buying terms that I didn’t know what they meant. We didn’t really know what to look for when viewing houses either. Going from renting to buying is tough too. No longer can we ring up the landlord and tell them ‘something is broken, come and fix it’. We now have to fix the issues ourselves! It took up near on the whole year. We started looking at houses in the January and didn’t move into our home until the middle of September.

In the same month my little brother got married. Their wedding was so beautiful. I managed to hold back the tears because I was in charge of the music and was so nervous about messing it up. He almost got me when he was reading his speech though.

We went on a mini holiday to Tenerife in November to wind down from the year of house buying and dealing with estate agents. One night we ended up in a karaoke bar that was featured in ‘OAP’s Behaving Badly’. We were the youngest in there by 30 years!


My little Etsy store was my pride and joy in 2018, it became very successful, maybe too successful. Eventually Etsy closed my shop because of copyright infringements. I won’t hide it or ignore it. It was my own fault and I should have branched out to my own artwork. I’ve learned from the experience and now do things completely different and I’m focusing more on my travel posters.

Let’s face it gaming related artwork SELLS, not much of anything else does. I was selling so much that it would cover my mortgage and bill payments each month.

I’m a passionate gamer and I love creating fan art. In the beginning I was just doing it as a past time and dusting off Illustrator again. Then friends and followers asked where they could purchase a print. So that was when I thought I’d try Etsy. If you are looking for my gaming prints you can find them here: shop.wildethang.com

I’ll write another blog post on what happened with Etsy and what I did next.

Looking ahead

So 2019 has started and I’ve never felt more motivated in all my career. I now have a focus and I want more stability in my life. As you get older your priorities change and you feel like you need to provide for your family more and more. I want more stability in my career and I’m going to work on those areas as best I can by creating passive income sources and winning more projects.

This year I’m going to focus on myself a lot more too. Eat healthy, exercise more and lose weight. I’ve exercised properly for a while now. I play football once a week but that is not enough. I’ll be setting up a home gym and using that daily. I just want to take better care of myself.

With regards to my posters and illustration work, the gaming related designs will probably slow down. Although I would love to work on a mobile game and or work alongside a developer and create little assets and gaming items. That is a life goal of mine.

With my Vault 84 store I’ll be looking into setting up stores at local events and festivals to get my name out there more as a designer.

I’ve also given myself the task of learning how to design and build Shopify themes. I’ve put it off for many years now and I just need to pull my finger out and do it! There is no time like the present.

Finally, 2019 is the year I, WildeThang, the little nerdy gamer gets married to the love of my life. It still doesn’t feel real. I now need to work my butt off and save, save, save. We booked our honeymoon last week and we are flying off to Thailand for 2 weeks. I’ve never been before and it looks like absolute paradise!

Anyway, enough about me. Happy New Year everyone and I hope that your 2019 is successful.

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