NoodleDoodle’s Pasta Twitch Emotes

NoodleDoodle’s Pasta Twitch emotes I designed for NoodleDoodle and their community. This Twitch emote set was based on a piece of Penne pasta.

With many of the Twitch emotes I design I like to use bright, bold colours and use a thick outline. This is so that all the details within the emote will stand out on both white and dark backgrounds. I use the iPad Pro with the ProCreate app to create my emotes.

If you like NoodleDoodle’s Pasta Twitch emotes and would like your own custom Twitch emotes please get in contact.

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What are Custom Twitch Emotes?
Custom Twitch emotes, subscriber badges and bit badges are part of the subscription benefits for Twitch Partners and Affiliates. Your subscribers can use your emotes anywhere on the Twitch website.

What makes a good Twitch Emote?
A good emote design consists of a balance of detail and bold lines. The emote still needs to be legible at the smallest size of emote which is 28px squared. Twitch emotes also need to work well on both light and dark backgrounds.

My portfolio is full of custom Twitch emotes that I have designed for other Twitch streamers.