Project Questionnaire

So we’ve gone over the basics and you are happy to proceed with your project.
I’ve compiled this questionnaire to gather more information for the graphics you have ordered so I can get it perfect first time.

My Working Hours
Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm GMT
I aim to complete all projects within 2 weeks of the projects start date.

What is your brand/streaming name?
This is so I can use it throughout your new graphics and for your logo, if you’ve ordered one.

What colours would you like to use in your branding/graphics?

If you have ordered emotes and/or sub badges could you describe what you would like them to look like?

If you have ordered a rebrand/logo design are there any logos you like the look of or is there a particular style you are looking for?
You can supply links to existing logos here. This is just so I can get an understanding of the style of logo you like.

If you’ve ordered Twitch panels what would you like the titles to be?

Do you have any existing branding graphics, logos, etc?
If so, upload them here. These will help with matching your new graphics with any existing graphics.

Any additional information you think I would find useful?